EpiAirway and EpiDermFT Now Available from MatTek’s European Location

Posted on October 21, 2020 |
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Ashland, MA, USA and Bratislava, Slovakia (October 22, 2020) – MatTek Life Sciences today announced the availability of its EpiAirway and EpiDermFT in vitro human tissues from its European location in Bratislava, Slovakia.

MatTek established its laboratories in Slovakia in 2009 to provide its European customers with local technical support and expanded shipping capabilities to serve the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and personal care industries in emerging markets. The facility began producing EpiDerm tissues for commercial sale in January 2012, followed by EpiOcular and EpiIntestinal. The addition of EpiAirway and EpiDermFT continues the company’s mission to expand the use and availability of non-animal testing methods.

“As the demand for more human-relevant, non-animal test methods has grown, MatTek has met that demand by expanding the production and availability of these products worldwide,” said Kevin Causey, Vice President of Business Development. “Our colleagues in Europe have done an excellent job of continuously adding our tissue models and cultureware products to their portfolio to better serve their customers and expand the use of our products and technology.”

The first shipment of EpiAirway and EpiDermFT from the company’s European labs is the culmination of a months-long process involving training and rigorous QC standards to ensure both locations produce identical product. “We’ve always been committed to producing reproducible tissues that provide consistent, human-relevant data,” said Dr. Silvia Letasiova, Executive Director of MatTek Life Sciences in Slovakia. “Our customers know that a MatTek tissue kit is the exact same product, no matter where it has been produced and meets our high standards for quality and reproducibility.”


About MatTek Life Sciences: MatTek Life Sciences was founded in 1985 and began producing human tissue models as reliable replacements for animal testing. MatTek’s skin, ocular, oral, respiratory, and intestinal tissue models are used to assess safety and efficacy throughout the cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and household product industries. These advanced tissue models empower companies to achieve their goals of non-animal testing while lowering testing costs and providing human-relevant results. The company has expanded its offerings to include cultureware, primary human cells and media, 3Diy kits, and testing services in support of its mission to advance innovative in vitro science through the production of synergistic life science products and services. 

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