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Draize Irritancy Tests, which require directly exposing animals’ eyes and skin to chemicals, are developed. Considered for decades to be the gold standard for cosmetic safety assessments, these tests cause extensive animal suffering.


MatTek creates EpiDerm, the original lab-grown human skin, as a functional replacement for the Draize Rabbit Skin Test


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) approves non-animal test methods.

2006           Skin Corrosivity

2009           Eye Irritation

2010           Skin Irritation


FDA Modernization Act introduced in US House of Representatives

Skin Allergy and Phototoxicity
OECD Approval

The federal Humane Cosmetics Act, legislation to prohibit cosmetics animal testing and the sale of animal-tested cosmetics, is reintroduced in the U.S.


The FDA Modernization Act 2.0 was passed and signed into law by President Biden. This bill, H.R. 2565 / S.2952, allows pharmaceutical scientists to develop new products using non-animal models including cell-based assays, organ chips and micro physiological systems, sophisticated computer modeling, and other human biology-based test methods.

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More than 90% of research, often involving animals fails to lead to human treatments.


The NIH spends approximately $19 billion annually on experiments using animals, nearly half its budget.


In 2021, 95,000 laboratory animals were saved with the use of MatTek lab-grown tissues alone.


MatTek Life Sciences. (December 2021)

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The SPARK Pledge is a commitment to replace the use of ineffective and harmful animal experimentation in toxicity and safety testing with more modern, effective solutions. The SPARK Pledge was created to build a cross-sector of companies, organizations, and individuals working together to drive a more sustainable, humane, and scientifically superior process of ensuring the safety of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other products. The Pledge is co-sponsored by the Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS), MatTek, the Lush Prize, and the BICO Group.

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Success Stories

Changing the Future of Women's Health

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A Relevant Alternative to Testing Women’s Personal Care Products

Good Clean Love is advocating for the use of a 3D human tissue model developed by MatTek as a more relevant alternative to testing women’s personal care products than animals.

“There are currently so many problems with women’s healthcare products. Partly, because they depend on archaic animal testing to approve new products. A lot of research shows that animal testing results do not provide an accurate reflection of safety.”

Wendy Strgar, CEO at Good Clean Love

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