Skin Hydration

Measure the electrical impedance of EpiDermFT to assess the efficacy of topically applied moisturizers including creams, gels and lotions. The Skin Hydration protocol allows for data analysis within 1 day.


EpiDermFT tissues (Figure 1) are equilibrated overnight under standard culture conditions (37°C, 5% CO2) with EpiDermFT Assay Media (EFT-400-ASY).  18-24 hours later tissue culture media is aspirated and replaced with fresh, pre-warmed media.  Under sterile conditions in a laminar flow cell culture hood tissues are equilibrated, with the lid open, for 90 minutes at ambient temperature and relative humidity.  Tissues are exposed to topically to 10µl of each test formulation for 60 minutes.  Following exposure, residual test formulation is removed from the skin surface using a sterile cotton swab and skin hydration is evaluated by measuring the electrical impedance of the tissue surface (DPM 9003 Nova Meter, Nova Technologies) at time 0 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes post-exposure.



Skin hydration levels were significantly higher in tissues treated with Moisturizer 1, Moisturizer 2 and Moisturizer 3 compared to untreated controls at each time point and compared to their baseline controls.

* Student’s t-test (P ≤ 0.01).  Data is presented as experimental replicates (n=3).




Assessment of skin hydration following treatment with topically applied formulations and moisturizers in the EpiDermFT in vitro human skin model can be used in product efficacy and claims substantiation studies.

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