Skin Brightening

The MelanoDerm Skin Brightening Assay provides invaluable in vitro data as an early screening tool for raw materials to reduce costs and increase the chances of a formulation’s success prior to clinical trials. Cosmetics manufacturers continually develop safer and more effective skin brightening products for their customers struggling with melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical skin care formulations that are used to combat skin pigmentation disorders with MelanoDerm.

MatTek offers MelanoDerm Skin Brightening/melanogenesis assay as a non-GLP service.


Test ModelMelanoDerm
ReplicatesN=8 tissues per test condition
Exposure Conditions3 treatments/week for 2 weeks with 25µl of test material and controls
Assay Controls2% Kojic Acid (positive control), DI H2O (negative control)
EndpointsMacroscopic analysis, Histological analysis, Quantitative Melanin Assay
Data DeliveryHistological images and analysis, Melanin Assay Analysis, Macroscopic photos
skin brightening potential

Download the MelanoDerm Skin Brightening Assay Protocol



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