Dermal Drug Delivery

The Model

MatTek’s patented EpiDerm™ System consists of normal, human-derived epidermal keratinocytes (NHEK) which have been cultured to form a multilayered, highly differentiated model of the human epidermis. These “ready-to-use” tissues, also known generically as normal human 3D tissues, are cultured on specially prepared cell culture inserts using serum free medium, attain levels of differentiation on the cutting edge of in vitro skin technology. Ultrastructurally, the EpiDerm Skin Model closely parallels human skin, thus providing a useful in vitro means to assess dermal irritancy and toxicology. For more information on EpiDerm, click here.



The Method

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dosing tissues in a multiwell cell culture plate

  1. Transfer tissues from agarose to assay medium
  2. Incubate (37 ±1°C, 5 ±1% CO2, 95% RH) overnight (18 – 24 hrs)
  3. Transfer tissues to receiver solution
  4. Equilibrate tissues to permeation temperature for 15 min
  5. Apply permeant solution to apical surface of tissues
  6. Collect, store and replace receiver solution every 30 – 60 min for the duration of the study
  7. Determine average flux and calculate the permeability coefficient (Kp)

Permeation Devices

MatTek recommends Permegear Franz Cells as a compatible device for dermal permeation studies, as well as MatTek Permeation Devices which are specially designed for use with our tissues in permeation applications.

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