Skin Corrosion (OECD TG 431)

Skin corrosion refers to the production of irreversible tissue damage in the skin following the application of a test material. The potential for chemical-induced skin corrosion is an important consideration in establishing procedures for the safe handling, packing, and transport of chemicals.

The EpiDerm Skin Corrosion Test is able to reliably discriminate chemicals that are corrosive to skin from non-corrosive chemicals and can be used for the classification of skin corrosion hazard according to the GHS System adopted by the OECD.

MatTek offers the EpiDerm Skin Corrosion Test as a GLP or non-GLP service.


Test ModelEpiDerm
ReplicatesN=2 tissues per test condition
Test Article Quantity1ml or 1g
Assay ControlsNegative Control – Ultrapure H2O
Positive Control – 8N Potassium Hydroxide
EndpointsMTT Tissue Viability Assay
Data Delivery% relative viability ± SD
In vitro classification

Download the Skin Corrosion Test Protocol


Mean Tissue Viability (% of NC)Classification
3 minute < 50%Corrosive
3 minute ≥ 50% and 1 hour < 15%Corrosive
3 minute ≥ 50% and 1 hour ≥ 15%Non-Corrosive


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