MatTek Location PictureMatTek Corporation was founded in 1985 by two chemical engineering professors from MIT. In 1991 the company leveraged its core polymer surface modification technology into the emerging tissue engineering market.

MatTek Corporation is at the forefront of tissue engineering and is a world leader in the production of innovative 3D reconstructed human tissue models. Our skin, ocular, and respiratory tissue models are used in regulatory toxicology (OECD, EU guidelines) and address toxicology and efficacy concerns throughout the cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and household product industries.

EpiDerm™, MatTek’s first 3D human cell based in vitro model, was introduced in 1993 and became an immediate technical and commercial success. MatTek revolutionized the market for human cell-based in vitro models by:

  • Reducing the cost of such models by 50-80%
  • Optimizing researchers’ results by introducing published QC standards (concurrent positive and negative controls), assuring a level of reproducibility acceptable to industry and regulators.
  • Increasing industry and regulator confidence in the performance of commercially available in vitro tissue models.

The creative use of non-animal (in vitro) testing was fueled by the powerful synergistic effect of lower (direct / indirect) costs and significantly improved product quality. MatTek dramatically reduced product cost and increased lab efficiency by consistently delivering high quality, reproducible, products. In turn, this has led to rapid acceptance and utilization of MatTek’s in vitro products by a wide array of major international corporations. The outstanding reproducibility of EpiDerm and EpiOcular, MatTek’s corneal tissue model, led directly to impressive results in international multi-laboratory pre-validation and validation studies.

Commercial companies are now empowered to achieve the desirable humane and sociopolitical goals of reducing the number animals used in research while simultaneously controlling costs and generating more relevant, species specific, reproducible data.

In 2012 MatTek expanded its global operations by opening MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories a new, state of the art manufacturing and research facility in Bratislava, Slovakia.

MatTek’s human cell-derived tissue models are used throughout the United States and Canada, Europe, Japan, and Eastern Asia. Our record of scientific and technological innovation remains strong as we continue to develop and validate new in vitro assays and human tissue models. We invite you to use our products, services and technical solutions, which will afford your company new opportunities in obtaining faster, cost-effective, more reliable and relevant results compared to the traditional assays and 2D in vitro systems.

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