Our Mission: We are dedicated to advancing innovative in vitro science and producing synergistic life science products and services to support your research every step of the way.

For more than 25 years, MatTek has been the world leader in reliable in vitro human tissue model innovation. Our skin, ocular, oral, respiratory, and intestinal tissue models are used to assess safety and efficacy throughout the cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and household product industries. These advanced tissue models empower companies to achieve their goals of non-animal testing while lowering testing costs and providing human-relevant results.

MatTek expanded to a full life science company with the addition of MatTek Dishes, Primary Human Cells & Media, 3Diy Kits, and testing services for clients seeking in vitro solutions. Industry-leading MatTek Dishes provide brilliant imaging in standard size cell culture dishes and plates. Our expertise in cell isolation and expansion allowed us to develop the highest quality primary human cells and culture media for research in 2D. Our 3Diy kits further bridge the gap between 2D cell culture and ready-to-use 3D tissues by providing researchers with an opportunity to use specialized cells in 3D tissue models at a lower cost. We have unmatched expertise in the field of in vitro science and the knowledge to guide our clients to reliable results through our testing services. Trust your testing to the in vitro experts.

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About our parent company, BICO:

Founded in 2016, BICO (formerly CELLINK) is the world’s leading bioconvergence company, organized into three business areas: BiosciencesBioautomation, and Bioprinting. BICO reduces the organ shortage and speeds up drug development by providing accessible life science solutions that combine biology and technology, fundamentally shifting the global healthcare industry.

Using a combination of robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced genomics, and 3D bioprinting, our innovative technologies enable researchers and practitioners in the life sciences to conduct cell line development, perform high-throughput drug screening and diagnostics, and print human tissues and organs for the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. BICO is the future of life-saving treatments, as we enable our customers to improve people’s health and lives.

We have over 32,000 installed instruments in more than 3,500 laboratories, including the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. They are being used in more than 65 countries, and have been cited in more than 11,000 publications. BICO is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under BICO.