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MatTek Corporation, a proud supporter of the 9th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences (WC9), will be presenting at this year’s Congress, hosted August 24-28, in Prague, Czech Republic. With 16 abstracts approved and selected by the Congress’s Scientific Committee, MatTek will be presenting both posters and oral presentations during the five day meeting. These abstracts cover topics including epithelial biobarriers, topical toxicity, risk assessment, and in vitro disease models.  As a leader in groundbreaking research and innovation, MatTek Corporation’s participation at WC9 will contribute a fresh perspective on these evolving topics.

The posters to be presented include:

“In vitro human alveolar tissue model for pulmonary drug delivery and toxicology applications” (P.J. Hayden) I-4-738

“Importance of reproducibility demonstration of the bio-engineered tissue models used for in vitro toxicity testing purposes” (S. Letasiova) I-4-776

“Reconstructed 3-D human small intestinal tissue to assess drug safety, inflammation, and restitution” (S. Ayehunie) I-4-778

“Optimization of an eye irritation assay for solid materials for hazard identification and labelling of chemicals” (H. Kandarova) II-4-398

“Use of ECVAM validated EpiDerm skin corrosion test (EpiDerm SCT) for sub-categorization according to the UN GHS” (H. Kandarova) II-10-868

“Reconstructed Human Epidermis Test Methods for Skin Corrosion Endpoint: How Can Changes in Prediction Models Improve Final Predictions?” (B. Desprez) II-10-936

“Development of improved skin sensitization assays based on 3D reconstructed human epidermal equivalents and secreted luciferase reporter activity” (P.J. Hayden) II-12-716

“IL-18 secretion as a marker for identification of contact sensitizers in the EpiDerm™ in vitro human skin model” (P.J. Hayden) II-12-742

“Co-culture assay for the identification and investigation of dermal sensitizers (epi-dc)” (G. DeGeorge) II-12-833

“Application of in vitro skin models for cosmetic product efficacy: UV protection, skin lightening, skin hydration and anti-aging” (M. Klausner)VI-1-840

“Evaluation of serum growth factors in wound healing using a full-thickness in vitro human skin model” (M. Klausner) VI-5-822

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“Assessment of phototoxic potential of topically applied substances and formulations using 3-D reconstructed human skin models” (H. Kandarova) II-4b-777

“Responses of in vitro asthmatic human airway epithelial cultures to rhinovirus and poly(I:C)” (P.J.Hayden) VI-1a-740

“An In vitro reconstructed psoriasis tissue model for evaluation of drug therapeutics” (M. Klausner) VI-1c-782

“Application of in vitro human airway models for toxicology, drug delivery and disease modelling” (P. Hayden) VI-5-864

“Potential and limitations of reconstructed human skin models in assessing pharmaceutical formulations” (H. Kandarova) VI-5-933

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