organiX Plate

Part No: OGNXP



OGNXP, organiX Plate 24-well, 3D Tissues Culture Plate

The organiX plate is an easy-to-use 3D tissues culture platform that uses a modified version of the microfluid technology as used in identTx systems, specifically adapted to handle the requirements of larger tissues like biopsies, organoids, tumoroids, spheroids and tissue aggregates. Each plate allows for 24 independent experiments while still following SBS plate format and gas exchange through the gas permeable laminate.


  • Experiment channels are similar to idenTx systems, a 3-channel design with a 3D gel region flanked by two media channels 
  • Integrated media wells at each end of media channels to hold 300 µL 
  • Optimized for large tissue samples up to 2 mm in diameter 
  • Compliance with the SBS/ANSI 384-well plate standard

Additional information

Weight0.44 lbs
Dimensions7.9 × 4.8 × 3.15 in
Packaging Type

Pack of 3, One Plate