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View our list of posters being presented at the 2015 Society of Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. Request copies at any time. Electronic copies of the posters will be sent via email after the meeting has concluded. Thank you for your requests!

Effect of IL-17 on an Organotypic Model of Psoriasis

Michael Bachelor, Seyoum Ayehunie, Tim Landry, Zachary Stevens, Cristy Hedin, Alexander Armento and Mitchell Klausner. 
Abstract #566
Poster Session III
Saturday, May 9, 10-12PM

Measurement of Skin Pigmentation Using a Chromameter in a 3-dimensional Epidermal Model Containing Functional Melanocytes

Michael Bachelor, Bridget Breyfogle and Mitchell Klausner.
Abstract #647
Poster Session II
Friday, May 8, 11:15-1:15PM

  A Novel Assay for Evaluating Wound Healing in a Full-Thickness in vitro Human Skin Model.
Michael Bachelor, Alexander Armento, Jonathan Oldach, Mitchell Klausner and Patrick J. Hayden.
Abstract #725
Poster Session II
Friday, May 8, 11:15-1:15Pm

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