See MatTek at World Preclinical Congress 2017

Posted on June 13, 2017 |
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See MatTek at World Preclinical Congress 2017 in Boston, MA

Visit us at Booth #505

Join us for a talk on how 3D models are changing preclinical testing, featuring our own Dr. Seyoum Ayehunie:

Organotypic Small Intestinal Tissue Model for Prediction of Adverse Drug Reactions

Tuesday, June 13, 9:35 am – 10:05 am


Gastrointestinal adverse drug reactions (ADR) cause health problems and create a burden on the health care system and the pharmaceutical industry. Gastrointestinal ADR often lead to late-stage drug attrition. In this presentation, we will demonstrate the utility of a novel in vitro 3D primary human small intestine based system to identify biomarkers that can better predict human ADR compared to preclinical animal models, and is ideal for therapeutic candidate screening.


For more information on the meeting and its events, visit the World Preclinical Congress website.