MatTek Chambered Cell Culture Slides: A Versatile Tool for Visualizing Cell Behavior

Posted on April 21, 2023 |
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In many biological research projects, the ability to visualize and study cell behavior in a controlled environment is critical. MatTek chambered culture slides provide researchers with a reliable and efficient way to grow and observe cells in a laboratory setting. MatTek chambered culture slides are made in the USA and are constructed from high-quality soda lime glass slides with an easily removable plastic chamber. This plastic is inert, which means it does not react with the samples or the culture medium, making it ideal for cell culture studies. Additionally, the clear slides allow for optimal imaging of the cells. 

Available in a 2-well, 4-well, or 8-well format, each slide allows for multiple samples to be cultured and analyzed simultaneously. The design of the wells reduces the potential for cross-contamination between samples, which is a common problem in traditional multi-well plates. The unique “snap-off” feature of MatTek’s chambered culture slides allows for easy removal without the need for special tools. Additionally, the slide does not contain any chemical adhesives. Alphanumeric labeling allows for easy identification of samples. 

One of the most important features of the MatTek chambered culture slides is their ability to be used for imaging studies. The slides are compatible with a range of imaging techniques, including confocal microscopy, time-lapse imaging, live cell imaging, and fluorescence microscopy. The slides can be utilized with both an upright and inverted microscope. The high-quality glass allows for high-resolution imaging of the cells. This glass can also be coated with an extracellular matrix coating for optimal cell attachment and growth.  

MatTek chambered culture slides enable researchers to a variety of research applications, including drug discovery, toxicology testing, and cell biology studies. The slides are particularly useful for studying cell behavior in response to different drugs or chemicals. This technology allows researchers to visualize cellular processes in real-time and can provide insights into dynamic cellular processes. The expansive utility of the slides allow researchers to seed, culture, fix, stain, and image the effects of multiple agents without cell transfer, saving them time and resources. 

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