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Posted on July 12, 2023 |
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In today’s rapidly evolving world of new cosmetics, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, ensuring product safety and efficacy is paramount. MatTek Life Sciences stands at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development by offering a wide range of in-house testing services using their advanced tissue models. These models provide an innovative, cost-effective, and human-relevant alternative for testing formulations and evaluating various products prior to market.

Regulatory-Accepted Options

MatTek’s services include several regulatory-accepted test methods utilizing lab-grown eye and skin models. These ethical non-animal test methods provide valuable insight into the potential hazards associated with certain substances and aid in compliance with global regulatory standards.

The EpiDerm Skin Irritation Test (SIT), a validated assay under OECD TG 439, predicts the skin irritation potential for test substances, assisting in identifying and classifying skin irritation hazards according to relevant EU and UN GHS classification systems. This test effectively discriminates category 2 irritants from non-irritants, facilitating informed decision-making in product development. In addition, specifically designed for medical device extracts, the Skin Irritation Test for Medical Device Extracts predicts the irritancy potential of medical devices according to ISO standards. It aids in ensuring the safety and biocompatibility of medical devices with human skin, supporting adherence to regulatory requirements.

The EpiDerm Skin Corrosion Test (SCT), validated under OECD TG 431, reliably differentiates corrosive chemicals from non-corrosive ones, aiding in the classification of skin corrosion hazards according to the globally adopted GHS System. This test plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of potentially hazardous products that come into direct contact with the skin.

By measuring the acute toxic response of skin exposed to certain chemicals and subsequent exposure to light, the EpiDerm Phototoxicity Assay evaluates the potential adverse effects induced by phototoxic substances. This in vitro test complies with OECD TG 498 standards and provides critical data for assessing product safety.

The Eye Irritation Test, validated under OECD TG 492, predicts the acute eye irritation potential of topically applied chemicals or formulations. By assessing the cytotoxic effect on the EpiOcular cornea epithelial model, this test aids in the identification of substances not requiring classification for eye irritation or serious eye damage, aligning with UN GHS guidelines.

Additional In-House Services

While MatTek is a pioneer in the rigorous testing to validate regulatory-accepted test methods, we also offer a diverse range of additional services that cater to the unique requirements of different industries. MatTek’s expertise in skin-related applications includes assays for Skin Hydration, Anti-Aging, Skin Brightening, and Skin Pigmentation studies. MatTek’s EpiDermFT, a co-culture skin model mimicking both the dermal and epidermal layers of human skin, and MelanoDerm pigmented skin models from diverse origins, are useful for answering more complex questions. These services enable a comprehensive evaluation of cosmetic formulations and facilitate the development of products that enhance skin health and appearance, while allowing the client to advertise “No Animal Testing” on their products.

In the field of oral care, MatTek’s EpiOral and EpiGingival allow for specially designed oral irritation assessments and drug delivery studies. These services assist in developing safe and effective oral care products and pharmaceutical formulations. Intestinal Restitution, Intestinal Fibrosis, drug metabolism investigations, and inflammation research are all applications available with the EpiIntestinal Model.

MatTek has the largest and most diverse selection of lab-grown models of the human respiratory system. EpiAirway (human bronchial tissue). EpiAlveolar (human alveolar deep-lung tissue), and EpiNasal (human nasal tissue), for the first time provide a full representation of the human respiratory system. Respiratory-focused services cover inhalation toxicology, respiratory infection, drug delivery optimization, and studies related to inflammation and fibrosis. These services enable the evaluation of respiratory products, inhalable drugs, smoking and vape consumer products, and treatments for respiratory disorders. MatTek has also developed EpiVaginal, the only commercially available vaginal tissue model from healthy primary cells, to support research related to vaginal inflammation, feminine hygiene product development and the study of sexually transmitted disease (STD) infection mechanisms. These services contribute to the development of innovative solutions for women’s health.

In Vitro Expertise

MatTek’s study directors have exceptional skills and expertise handling tissues, and designing client studies. As the pioneers who developed this technology, we have a unique expertise in its abilities and limitations. We take the time to work with our clients to understand their goals, and create experiments that deliver reliable results. Communication and transparency throughout the process are paramount to us, and our clients continually trust their testing to the in vitro experts. MatTek Life Sciences’ diverse range of in-house services, and in vitro expertise offers invaluable opportunities for cosmetic chemists, formulation scientists, and researchers across various industries. By utilizing our tissue models and state-of-the-art facilities clients can ensure steadfast, reliable data.

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