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Successful First Year of EpiDermTM Tissue Production in Europe

Reproducibility of EpiDerm Produced in MatTek’s EU Facility Confirmed

ASHLAND, Mass. (January 29, 2013) – MatTek Corporation, Ashland, MA (USA) announced today that its EU-subsidiary, MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories (IVLSL), Bratislava, Slovakia, has successfully completed its first year of commercial production of EpiDerm, a reconstructed human skin tissue model, for the European Union market.

“Production of EpiDerm has been running this past year for 49 consecutive weeks,” said Dr. Helena Kandarova, Executive Director of MatTek IVLSL. “During this period, we’ve been able to provide our European customers and research partners a consistent supply of tissues with timely delivery at a low cost. The reproducibility analysis, which was based on established quality control parameters, revealed excellent reproducibility of weekly production as well as equivalency of the EU and US products.”

MatTek Corp. established the IVLSL laboratories in Bratislava in 2011 to provide its European customers with shorter transit times, no customs delays and significantly lower shipping costs. After pilot production and a GMP audit in 2011, the IVLSL facility began producing EpiDerm tissues for commercial sale in January 2012.

Positioning of MatTek IVLSL into central Europe has also expanded the company’s shipping capabilities to include locations in Russia, Turkey and India, resulting in greater availability of non-animal testing methods to the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and personal care industries in emerging markets.

“We are extremely happy with the results to date for IVLSL, which allow us to better service our European clients and expand the use of animal alternatives in Europe, the Mid-East, and western Asian markets,” said Mitchell Klausner, President and CEO of MatTek. “The production of EpiDerm tissues in the EU is broadening the global availability of our validated in vitro skin irritation and corrosion assays.”

About MatTek – MatTek Corp. is the world’s largest independent producer of in vitro human epithelial tissue equivalents.  With 20 years of publicly available QC data and over 700 technical references supporting our claim of “Unsurpassed Long-Term Tissue Reproducibility”, MatTek human tissue equivalents are used in product development, claims substantiation (over 400 patent references cite the use of MatTek tissues), safety assessment, and drug discovery/development in many industries including Cosmetics, Personal Care, Household Products, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech.

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