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Posted on November 8, 2017 |
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MatTek’s EpiOcular product has been recently featured in three recent publications as a result of the CON4EI project funded by Cefic. The articles are listed below and include the highlights of each article, and the links are also provided to the articles’ original source.

1. CON4EI: EpiOcular™ Eye Irritation Test (EpiOcular™ EIT) for hazard identification and labeling of eye irritating chemicals

  • EpiOcular EIT achieved a sensitivity of 97%, specificity of 87% and accuracy of 95% for prediction of ocular irritants / non-irritants
  • Excellent reproducibility (100%) was obtained in 2 runs
  • EpiOcular™ EIT was applicable to the broad range of chemical categories tested in this project
  • Excellent performance was not limited to the particular driver of the classification
  • A new prediction model for Cat 1 is proposed for liquids and solids


2. CON4EI: CONsortium for in vitro Eye Irritation testing strategy – EpiOcular™ time-to-toxicity (EpiOcular ET-50) protocols for hazard identification and labelling of eye irritating chemicals 

  • Subcategorization of eye irritation is possible using the EpiOcular time to toxicity (ET-50) assay
  • The sensitivity for predicting GHS Cat 1 and GHS Cat 2 chemicals was 73% and 64%, respectively
  • A specificity of 97% was achieved
  • None of the Cat 1 chemicals was underpredicted as GHS No Category


3. CON4EI: Development of testing strategies for hazard identification and labeling for serious eye damage and eye irritation of chemicals 

  • A stand-alone testing strategy using the EpiOcular time-to-toxicity method with a new prediction model for all GHS categories is proposed
  • A two-tiered approach using EpiOcular EIT in combination with the BCOP LLBO is described
  • In the proposed strategies using EpiOcular, 71.1% – 73.3% of Cat 1, 64.2% – 64.8% of Cat 2 and 86.7 – 96.6%  of “No Cat” chemicals were correctly identified
  • None of the Cat 1 chemicals was underpredicted as GHS No Category

For more information on EpiOcular results of the CON4EI project and for regulatory use of the EpiOcular model, please contact Dr. Helena Kandarova (hkandarova@mattek.com).


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