Polyclonal HER2-specific antibodies induced by vaccination mediate receptor internalization and degradation in tumor cells

Xiu-Rong Ren, Junping Wei, Gangjun Lei, Jiangbo Wang, Jiuyi Lu, Wenle Xia, Neil Spector, Larry S Barak,Timothy M Clay, Takuya Osada, Erika Hamilton, Kimberly Blackwell, Amy C Hobeika, Michael A Morse, H Kim Lyerly, and Wei Chen1 Duke University Breast Cancer Research 14 (R89) (2012)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "HEK293 cells plated on 35-mm, poly-D-lysine-coated, glass-bottom microwell dishes (MatTek Cultureware, Ashland, MA, USA)"
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