Who Needs Microtubules? Myogenic Reorganization of MTOC, Golgi Complex and ER Exit Sites Persists Despite Lack of Normal Microtubule Tracks

Kristien J. M. Zaal, Ericka Reid, Kambiz Mousavi, Tan Zhang, Amisha Mehta, Elisabeth Bugnard, Vittorio Sartorelli, Evelyn Ralston National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Disease, National Institutes of Health PLoS ONE 6 (12) (2011)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "MatTek dishes (MatTek, Ashland, MA); 35 mm MatTek dishes"
Microscopic Technique

EB3-GFP imaging

Cell Line

Mouse C2 skeletal muscle cells

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