Gruber, V., et al. Arch Personal Care Products L.P., South Plainfield, NJ and BioInnovation Laboratories, Inc., McKinney, TX.

This study by scientists at Arch Personal Care Products demonstrated that MatTek’s EpiDermFT full-thickness in vitro human skin tissue equivalent can be used to measure the effect of a new topically applied formulation on the elastin content in human skin’s extracellular matrix. MatTek’s EpiDerm and EpiOcular in vitro tissues were also used to show this formulation was non-irritating to human skin and eye tissues. The extracellular matrix of human skin is compromised of collagens, elastic fibers (of which elastin is a major component), and basement membrane associated macromolecules such as proteoglycans, fibronectin, and laminin. As skin ages, both intrinsically and through photoaging, the aging process is manifested on the skin through sagging, wrinkles, and a loss of elasticity. In addition to these visible changes, the extracellular matrix deteriorates. Cosmetic formulations attempt to visibly improve or reverse these signs of aging. Orally and topically applied glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and proteoglycans can stimulate the production of elastin. Biodynes Extracellular Matrix Promoting Peptone (Biodynes EMPP) is a new biofermentation lysate that has been developed to stimulate elastin formation. Using the MatTek Full Thickness EpiDerm tissue model (EFT-200), scientists at Arch Personal Care Products have demonstrated that Biodynes EMPP increases the soluble elastin content of the skin tissue by 15%. In addition, in vivo wrinkle studies on 10 subjects showed that Biodynes EMPP decreased the volume, depth, and complexity of wrinkles by 12%, 11%, and 43%, respectively over a 28 day period. The Biodynes EMPP was also determined to be non-irritating in both the MatTek EpiOcular (OCL-200) and EpiDerm (EPI-200) in vitro test systems.


Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle effect, Anti-wrinkle properties, Biodynes Extracellular Matrix Promoting, Biodynes® EMPP, Collagens, EFT-200, EPI-200, Elastic fibers, Elastin, EpiDerm, EpiDerm-FT, EpiDermFT, EpiOcular, Fibronectin, Full Thickness Tissue Model, Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), In vitro test systems, Laminin, Line minimizing, OCL-200, Peptone (Biodynes EMPP), Photoaging, Proteoglycans, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker’s Yeast), Skin elasticity, Skin smoothing, Stress response, Toxicological testing, Wrinkle reduction, Wrinkles

Materials Tested

Biodynes® EMPP, Biodynes®TRF®, Na Ascorbate (0.1%)

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