Unlocking Mother Nature’s Building Blocks

Tony Abboud

Just as the foundation of water is hydrogen and oxygen, the foundation of plants and trees are cellulose and lignin. These universal materials act as Mother Nature’s building blocks and have proven critical to botanical viability, enabling growth and protecting against environmental stresses. Historically, scientists have failed to extract cellulose and lignin in the form in which Mother Nature created them. Instead, they resorted to using harsh chemicals that materially altered their compositions and dramatically limited functionality. Until now. Using a revolutionary approach, we’ve discovered how to unlock Mother Nature’s building blocks in their native form. Harnessing the power of water, we’ve perfected a way to gently pull cellulose and lignin from their inherent structure. It’s a first-in-kind approach called the Plantrose® Process. This process functions to excite water into its supercritical state and release clean cellulose and lignin, all while avoiding solvents and harsh chemical processes. This incredible process that uses only water, pressure and heat was recognized with the 20th anniversary U.S. Presidential Green Chemistry award. Although our supercritical water process can work with many botanical feedstocks, we’ve selected sustainably-grown, non-genetically modified red maple (Acer rubrum) from the Great Lakes area for our first offering. We have named this material Celltice™.


EpiDerm (EPI-200), blue light, reactive oxygen species (ROS), IL-1a, PGE-2, blue light protection assay

Materials Tested

vitamin E, Epigallocatechin gallate, Celltice WM, Celltice NM

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