Transgenic mice expressing an intracellular fluorescent fusion of angiotensin II demonstrate renal thrombotic microangiopathy and elevated blood pressure

K. M. Redding; B. L. Chen; A. Singh; R. N. Re; L. G. Navar; D. M. Seth; C. D. Sigmund; W. W. Tang; and J. L. Cook Tulane University Health Science Center American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology 298 (6) (2010)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "35-mm glass bottom dish (MatTek; Ashland; MA)"

Intracrine; Intracellular angiotensin; Transgenic; Renal microangiopathy

Microscopic Technique

Deconvolution Fluorescence Microscopy

Cell Line

Murine embryonic fibroblast

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