TCP-FA4: A derivative of tranylcypromine showing improved blood-brain permeability

Kelly E. Desino; Rosario Pignatello; Salvatore Guccione; Livia Basile; Sabah Ansar; Mary Lou Michaelis; Rona R. Ramsay; Kenneth L. Audus University of Kansas Biochemical Pharmacology 78 (11) (2009)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "35 mm glass bottom microwell dishes (MatTek Co.; Ashland; MA); coated with poly-D-lysine"

Fatty acid chains; Lipoamino acids; Blood-brain barrier (BBB); Neuroprotection; Beta-Amyloid; Monoamine oxidase inhibition

Microscopic Technique

Inverted Microscopy

Cell Line

Cortical cells

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