Protein mobilities and P-selectin storage in Weibel- Palade bodies

Nikolai I. Kiskin; Nicola Hellen; Victor Babich; Lindsay Hewlett; Laura Knipe; Matthew J. Hannah and Tom Carter MRC National Institute for Medical Research Journal of Cell Science 123 (17) (2010)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "35-mm diameter glass-bottomed culture dishes (MatTeK Corp.)"

FRAP; Weibel–Palade bodies; Endothelial cells; Von Willebrand factor; EGFP; Eotaxin-3; P-selectin; Tissue plasminogen activator; Rab27a; CD63

Microscopic Technique

Epifluorescence point-FRAP

Cell Line

Primary HUVECs

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