Pro-hormone Secretogranin II Regulates Dense Core Secretory Granule Biogenesis in Catecholaminergic Cells

Maïte’ Courel; Alex Soler-Jover; Juan L. Rodriguez-Flores; Sushil K. Mahata; Salah Elias; Maïte’ Montero-Hadjadje; Youssef Anouar; Richard J. Giuly; Daniel T. O´Connor; and Laurent Taupenot University of California San Diego Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (13) (2010)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "onto poly-L-lysine- and collagen-coated 35-mm glass bottom culture dishes (MatTek)"

Cell/Exocytosis; Cell/pH; Cell/Secretion; Methods/Fluorescence; Protein/Chimeras; Protein/Intracellular Trafficking; Subcellular Organelles/Vesicles; Chromaffin

Microscopic Technique


Cell Line

A35C-S7 clonal cell line

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