Porous-wall hollow glass microspheres as novel potential nanocarriers for biomedical applications

Shuyi Li; Lynsa Nguyen; Hairong Xiong; Meiyao Wang; Tom C.-C. Hu; Jin-Xiong She; Steven M. Serkiz; George G. Wicks; William S. Dynan Medical College of Georgia Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology; Biology; and Medicine 6 (1) (2010)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "glass-bottom microwell dish (MatTek Corp.; Ashland; Massachusetts)"

Drug delivery; Microsphere; Silica; Mesoporous; Controlled release; Single-chain antibody; Single-chain antibody variable fragment; Small interfering RNA

Microscopic Technique

laser scanning confocalmicroscopy

Cell Line


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