mTORC1 Targets the Translational Repressor 4E-BP2, but Not S6 Kinase 1/2, to Regulate Neural Stem Cell Self-Renewal In Vivo

Nathaniel W. Hartman,1,2 Tiffany V. Lin,1 Longbo Zhang,1 Grace E. Paquelet,1 David M. Feliciano,1 and Angelique Bordey1 Yale University Cell Reports 5 (2) (2013)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "poly-d-lysine (1mg/ml)-coated glass bottom dishes (MatTek; no.P35G-1.5- 14-C) at 200?300 cells/mm2"
Microscopic Technique

Confocal Microscopy

Cell Line

neural stem cells (NSCs)

Part Number

P35G-1.5- 14-C