Molecular Dissection of Cl?-selective Cys-loop Receptor Points to Components That Are Dispensable or Essential for Channel Activity

Dekel D. Bar-Lev, Nurit Degani-Katzav, Alexander Perelman, and Yoav Paas The Mina and Evererd Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences The Journal of Biological Chemisrty 286 ( ) (2011)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "35-mm glass bottomdish(MatTek,Corp.,Ashland,MA)thatwasprecoated with 20 ug/ml poly-L-lysine"

Cyc-loop receptors, gluamate receptors, ion channels, neurotransmitters, nicotinic acytlycholine recpetors

Microscopic Technique

Confocal Microscopy

Cell Line

HEK293T cells or CHO cells

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