Inositol 1;4;5-Trisphosphate 3-Kinase-A Is a New Cell Motility-promoting Protein That Increases the Metastatic Potential of Tumor Cells by Two Functional Activities

Sabine Windhorst; Ralf Fliegert; Christine Blechner; Katharina Mo¨ llmann; Zara Hosseini; Thomas Gu¨ nther; Maike Eiben; Lydia Chang; Hong-Ying Lin; Werner Fanick; Udo Schumacher; Burkhard Brandt;and Georg W. Mayr Universitatsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (8) (2010)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "glass bottom culture dishes (35 mm; MatTek; Ashland; MA)"
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H1299 control and kd cells

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