GABA Expression Dominates Neuronal Lineage Progression in the Embryonic Rat Neocortex and Facilitates Neurite Outgrowth via GABAa Autoreceptor/Cl- Channels

Dragan Maric; Qi-Ying Liu; Irina Maric; Sabeen Chaudry; Yoong-Hee Chang; Susan V. Smith; Werner Sieghart; Jean-Marc Fritschy; and Jeffery L. Barker National Institute of Health The The Journal of Neuroscience 21 (7) (2001)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "poly-D-lysine-coated coverslips; which were photoetched with an a-numeric grid (Bellco Glass; Inc.; Vineland; NJ); preglued to 35 mm tissue culture dishes (MatTek Corporation; Ashland; MA)"

embryonic; rat; development; cortical; neuritogenesis; GABA; GAD; FACS

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