Functional genomics; proteomics; and regulatory DNA analysis in isogenic settings using zinc finger nuclease-driven transgenesis into a safe harbor locus in the human genome

R.C. DeKelver; V.M. Choi; E.A. Moehle; D.E. Paschon; D. Hockemeyer; S.H. Meijsing; Y. Sancak; X. Cui; E.J. Steine; J.C. Miller; P. Tam; V.V. Bartsevich; X. Meng; I. Rupniewski; S.M. Gopalan; H.C. Sun; K.J. Pitz; J.M. Rock; L. Zhang; G.D. Davis; E.J. Rebar Point Richmond Tech Center Genome Research 20 (8) (2010)
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