F-Actin Reorganization and Inactivation of Rho Signaling Pathway Involved in the Inhibitory Effect of Coptidis Rhizoma on Hepatoma Cell Migration

Ning Wang; MS; Yibin Feng; PhD; Echo Ping Woi Lau; MPhil; Chiman Tsang; Ph; Yickpang Ching; PhD; Kwan Man; PhD; Yao Tong; MD; Tadashi Nagamatsu; PhD; Weiwei Su; MD; and Saiwah Tsao; PhD University of Hong Kong Integrative Cancer Therapies 9 (4) (2010)
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Coptidis Rhizoma; berberine; hepatocellular carcinoma; antimetastasis; F-actin; Rho/ROCK signaling

Microscopic Technique

Fluorescent Microscopy

Cell Line

MHCC97-L cells

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