Evidence that opioids may have toll-like receptor 4 and MD-2 effects

M.R. Hutchinson; Y. Zhang; M. Shridhar; J.H. Evans; M.M. Buchanan; T.X. Zhao; P.F. Slivka; B.D. Coats; N. Rezvani; J. Wieseler; T.S. Hughes; K.E. Landgraf; S. Chan; S. Fong; S. Phipps; J.J. Falke; L.A. Leinwand; S.F. Maier; H. Yin; K.C. Rice; L.R. Watkins University of Colorado at Boulder Brain; Behavior; and Immunity 24 (1) (2010)
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Toll-like receptor 4; Knockout; Opioid; Analgesia; Dependence; Glia; Microglia

Microscopic Technique

Inverted Microscopy

Cell Line

RAW264.7 mouse macrophage cell line

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