Endo-glucanase digestion of oat β-Glucan enhances Dectin-1 activation in human dendritic cells

Neha M. Sahasrabudhe, Lingmin Tian, Marco van den Berg, Geert Bruggeman, Erik Bruininx, Henk A. Schols, Marijke M. Faas, Paul de Vos University Medical Center Groningen Journal of Functional Foods

Oat β-Glucans were studied for their immunological impact before and after enzymatic digestion in order to enhance the efficacy of oat β-Glucans for application in functional foods. Oat β-Glucan is reported to have minimal impact compared to its fungal counterpart in vitro. Digestion with endo-glucanase enhanced its efficacy towards stimulating MCP-1, RANTES, IL-8, and IL-4 production in human dendritic cells as compared to the nondigested β-Glucan. This effect resulted from an enhanced activation of the Dectin-1 receptor. Our data suggest that the immune-stimulation was dependent on the β-(1-3) linkages and the reduced particle size of digested β-Glucans. Thus, we show that enzymatic pre-digestion of dietary fibres such as oat β-Glucan enhances its impact on specific immune receptors.We also demonstrate that particle size and/or molecular weight of oat β-Glucans and exposure of specific binding sites for the receptors might be important tools for designing efficacious functional feed and food additives.


MCP-1, IL-8, Rantes, IL-4, Dectin-1 receptor, immune receptors, TNF-a, IL-23, endo-glucanse digestion

Materials Tested

b-glucan, dietary fibers

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