Designed Inhibitors of Insulin-Degrading Enzyme Regulate the Catabolism and Activity of Insulin

M.A. Leissring; E. Malito; S. Hedouin; L. Reinstatler; T. Sahara; S.O. Abdul-Hay; S. Choudhry; G.M. Maharvi; A.H. Fauq; M. Huzarska; P.S. May; S. Choi; T.P. Logan; B.E. Turk; L.C. Cantley; M. Manolopoulou; W-J Tang; R.L. Stein; G.D. Cuny; D.J. Selkoe Mayo Clinic Florida PLoS ONE 5 (5) (2010)
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CHO-IR cells

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