Cellular Trafficking Of Lipoteichoic Acid And Toll-Like Receptor 2 In Relation To Signaling; Role Of Cd14 And Cd36

Nadra J. Nilsen; Susanne Deininger; Unni Nonstad; Frode Skjeldal; Harald Husebye; Dmitrii Rodionov; Sonja von Aulock; Thomas Hartung; Egil Lien; Oddmund Bakke; and Terje Espevik Norwegian University of Science and Technology Journal of Leukocyte Biology 84 (1) (2008)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "35 mm glass-bottom gamma-irradiated tissue cell dishes (MatTek Corp.; Ashland; MA; USA)"

TLR; LTA; endocytosis

Microscopic Technique

Confocal Microscopy

Cell Line


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