Biochemical Isolation and Characterization of the Tubulovesicular LC3-positive Autophagosomal Compartment

Wentao Gao; Jeong Han Kang; Yong Liao; Wen-Xing Ding; Andrea A. Gambotto; Simon C. Watkins; Yong-Jian Liu; Donna B. Stolz; Xiao-Ming Yin University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (2) (2010)
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Bacterial transcription; Homeobox; Monoglyceride; Protein export; Radiation inactivation; Respiratory Burst; Autophagosome; Autophagy

Microscopic Technique

Fluorescence and electron microscopy

Cell Line

HEK-293 and HCT-116 cell

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