Asymmetric Cell Division of T Cells upon Antigen Presentation Uses Multiple Conserved Mechanisms

J. Oliaro; V. Van Ham; F. Sacirbegovic; A. Pasam; Z. Bomzon; K. Pham; M.J. Ludford-Menting; N.J. Waterhouse; M. Bots; E.D. Hawkins; S.V. Watt; L.A. Cluse; C.J.P. Clarke; D.J. Izon; J.T. Chang; N. Thompson; M. Gu; R.W. Johnstone; M.J. Smyth; P.O. Humbert Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Journal of Immunology 185 (1) (2010)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "glass bottom 35 mm culture dish (MatTek; Ashland; MA)"
Microscopic Technique

Confocal microscopy

Cell Line

T cell–DC conjugates;

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