[alpha]-Synuclein Stimulates a Dopamine Transporter-dependent Chloride Current and Modulates the Activity of the Transporter

Jarod Swant, J. Shawn Goodwin, Ashley North, Ahmad Abdul Ali, Joyonna Gamble-George, Sanika Chirwa, and Habibeh Khoshbouei Meharry Medical College The Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (51) (2011)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "35-mm glass-bottom MatTek Petri dish (MatTek, Ashland, MA)"

Addiction, dopamine transporters, neurodegenerative diseases, patch clamp eletrophysiology, synuclein, dopamine transmission, fluorescent substraes for DAT, immortalized dopamin neurons, midbrain dopamine neurons, TH::RFP mice

Microscopic Technique

confocal fluorescent

Cell Line

CHO cells or DA neurons

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