All-near-infrared multiphoton microscopy interrogates intact tissues at deeper imaging depths than conventional single- and two-photon near-infrared excitation microscopes

Pinaki Sarder, Siavash Yazdanfar, Walter J. Akers, Rui Tang, Gail P. Sudlow, Christopher Egbulefu, Samuel Achilefu Washington University SPIE 18 (10) (2013)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "fluorescence was measured from 2% intralipid diluted with 5 μM of the dye, which was placed in a glass-bottom dish (P35G-1.5-10-C, MatTek, Ashland, Massachusetts)."
Microscopic Technique

Multiphoton Microscopy

Cell Line

Mouse leukemic monocyte macrophage (Raw264.7)

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