A Rab11a-enriched subapical membrane compartment regulates a cytoskeleton-dependent transcytotic pathway in secretory epithelial cells of the lacrimal gland

Shi Xu, Maria Edman, Mubashera S. Kothawala, Guoyong Sun, Lilian Chiang, Austin Mircheff, Lixin Zhu, Curtis Okamoto and Sarah Hamm-Alvarez University of Southern California The Journal of Cell Science 124 (20) (2011)
Citation in paper containing MatTek reference "35 mm glass coverslip-bottomed dishes (MatTek,Ashland, MA)"

Rab11a, lacrimal gland, transcytosis, polymeric immunoglobulin recpetor, dimeric immunoglobulin A, microtubules, actin

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lacrimal gland acinar cells

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