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Welcome to MatTek’s Innovator Circle! Our commitment to developing reliable life science products of the highest quality depends on rigorous testing. We’re extending exclusive invitations to join our Innovator Circle where members can view and accept proposals to test new MatTek products and receive unbelievable discounts, free products, and visibility for their work in the lab.

Project 1: Comparing standard and NEW high-adhesion MatTek Dishes

Submit the form below to apply to test our new high-adhesion dishes. Glass coverslips deliver the best imaging possible, but many cell types, especially neurons, are difficult to culture on glass surfaces. MatTek has developed “high-adhesion” versions of our world-class glass bottom dishes, and we need you to help us evaluate their performance against our standard dishes with a diverse range of cell types.

Specs: Upon completing the application form, MatTek will ship 3 dishes of P35G-1.5-14-C and 3 dishes of P35G-1.5-14-C-HA. The participant will perform identical cell cultures in triplicate and under the same culture conditions on each type of dish and submit their results. (Refer to the Results Submission Form for the required endpoints).

Timeline: 3 weeks from receipt of dishes

Incentive: A free case of MatTek Dishes of any type up to a $450 value

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