The Model

MatTek’s EpiGingival tissues consist of normal, human-derived epithelial cells. The tissues, which are cultured on specially prepared cell culture inserts using serum free medium, attain levels of differentiation on the cutting edge of in vitro cell culture technology. Morphologically, the tissue models closely parallel native gingival human tissues, thus providing a useful in vitro means to assess irritancy, disease and other basic oral biology phenomena. Learn more about EpiGingival.

The Method

Download the EpiGingival Irritation Protocol

  1. Transfer tissues from agarose to assay medium
  2. Incubate (37 ±1°C, 5 ±1% CO2, 95% RH) for 60 ±5 min
  3. Transfer tissues to fresh assay medium
  4. Dose tissues apically each with 40 μl TS (diluted 1:1 in ultrapureH2O), PC, or NC
  5. Expose 1, 4 and 18 hrs (37 ±1°C, 5 ±1% CO2, 95% RH)
  6. Stop exposure by rinsing in DPBS
  7. Collect medium for cytokine analysis (optional)
  8. Blot tissues and perform MTT assay
  9. Read OD in a plate spectrophotometer at 550-570nm

The Endpoints

MTT Tissue Viability Assay

Cytokine Release (optional)

For more information, view Technical References.