EpiDermTM Tissue Model

  • Normal Human 3D (NHu-3D) Model of Epidermal Tissue
  • Produced From Normal Epithelial Keratinocytes
  • In Vivo-Like Lipid Profile
  • 15 YEARS of Publicly Available QC Data
  • Available in 24 and 96-Well High-Throughput Formats
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery/Percutaneous Absorption
  • Ideal for Gene Expression Analysis and RNAi/siRNA-Based Therapeutic Drug Screening
  • Full-Thickness Tissues (EpiDermFT) Available
  • “Underdeveloped” Tissues (EpiDerm-201) Available

General MatTek Tissue Features

  • Unsurpassed Long-Term Tissue Reproducibility
    • Lot-to-Lot, Year-to-Year
  • 3-Dimensional, Highly Differentiated Tissue
  • Metabolically, Mitotically Active
  • Produced from Normal (Non-Transformed) Human Cells - Ideal for Genomics Studies
  • Produced in Easily Handled Cell Culture Inserts
  • Grown in Completely Serum-Free Media System
  • Quantifiable, Objective Test Endpoints
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Animal and Human Clinical Testing

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